About Us

“What do you want to do Chris?”

“I like to work.”, was the reply. “I like to make mugs. I like cooking and baking. I like to keep fit and go to the gym and go swimming and canoeing.”

This was the conversation we had with Chris a few months ago, when unexpectedly, the day service he had been attending for the last five years decided they could no longer cater for his needs, and we were wondering what the heck to do now. Chris Rathbone is a young man with autism, he is also very sensitive to noise, especially motorbikes, small children and guns. Because of the local environment near his home (we live near to an army base and a children's nursery!), he can’t be there during the day, so an alternative to his day placement needed to be found, and quickly. There was nowhere for him to go, so family and friends, with the support of his social worker, came together to create something that was just right for him. So in a quiet lane, a few miles away from home, we rented a house and set up a place for him to do the work he wanted to do and to serve as a base for all his other activities. This is how Chris and Co was born.

Chris and Co is an aspiring social enterprise, which enables Chris, his family and, in time, his friends to get involved in doing some of the things Chris enjoys, and enables him to spend his days in a safe, quiet environment. We make our own special range of mugs and we personalise mugs for other people. We also make coasters, tshirts, greetings cards and other interesting things.

We hope you like what we make and will buy from us. Not only will you be getting a unique gift for yourself or someone you love, you will also be supporting an exceptional young man and enabling him to live the life he deserves.